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The Green Book and our billiard table plans are more comprehensive, understandable, accurate and detailed than anything  ever offered on building or maintaining a billiard table.  As billiard table designers, players and woodworkers, we know you may not feel fully comfortable taking on these projects without a lifeline.  When you purchase our books with Customer Support (only available through this us) it begins when you receive your book.  If you do not understand something or make a mistake, we will get you back on track!  The only stipulation is that you adhere to our procedures without significant design or procedural modifications.  Customer Support is limited to the original purchaser for 6 months from date of purchase and up to 3 help requests.  We offer customer support only in the English language.

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Here's How it Works

Full instructions are included with your book purchases.  We will respond via email usually within 12 hours.  If we cannot resolve your problem via email, we will  set up a convenient telephone time.  We will provide auxiliary sketches, supplemental instructions and any other information you may need.





Our Guarantee guarantees your purchase.  If you have a problem, then we have a problem.  If you discover a significant error in our plans, please advise.  Indicate the page number and the specific paragraph where the error occurred and its impact on your project.  Typographical errors do not constitute an error.  Indicate what is needed to correct the error.  We will work with you to resolve the impact on your project within 6 months of date of purchase even if you did not purchase Customer Support!  Our reputation is important to us.

Due to the nature of technical manuals and project plans, individual skills, materials and tools used, we cannot guarantee the outcome of your project.  Every effort has been made in our offerings to illustrate and guide you through successful completion.

Your Guarantee

We appeal to your sense of fair play.  Our work is a result of thousands of hours (and dollars) of personal investment to provide superior products to you, our customer.  This is how we make our living.  Ultimately we must depend on your sense of fair play.  We ask you to respect our copyrights so legal remedies are not needed.

Conditions of Sale

Your purchase of our billiard table plans grants the original purchaser one license to build one Billiard Table.  Multiple licenses are available by Contacting Us.  Our Billiard Room Furniture Plans limit the original purchaser a license to build for personal, noncommercial use.    Available to lending, academic and other institutions with prior negotiated licensing agreements.

Limits of Liability

Due to the uncontrolled use of our plans and the potentially dangerous operations associated with woodworking and maintenance operations, by purchasing our products you agree to hold us harmless from any damages including physical, material or consequential.  Our absolute limits of liability are limited to purchase price of the product.  By purchasing our products, you relinquish any and all claims legally or otherwise against us, the sellers.

Due to the materials you choose, tools used, and the level of your skills, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of a particular project.  Every effort has been made to make all plans as complete as possible.  Any omission of detail is unintentional.


Copyrights for the products offered by belong solely to Mary Clare Southall and Brian Swift.  No portion of any products, nor this website may be reproduced by photocopying, recording, nor any other means of duplicating information, nor may any part of the products be transmitted by facsimile, internet, nor any other means without the prior written permission of the authors.

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