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Design-A-Table is a tool kit designed to be used with Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table plans.

This printable kit includes 6 Design-A-Table pages.  Two pages include instructions and our 3 leg styles you can build along with 13 Adams Wood Products legs.  Four of the pages are the basic cabinet for 7 foot home table, 8 foot regulation table, 81/2 oversize table, and 9 foot tournament tables with side and end views.

Cut out the legs you are considering for your table.  It is not necessary to cut all the details, just trim along the leg's top and bottom and separate the legs.  Use a glue stick (there are re-positional glue sticks available at office supply stores) to affix the legs and pockets to the table.  Copy your finished design and enlarge it to draw on your personalized details. 

Incidentally you can view real photographs of the legs at Adams Wood Products and some very nice pockets at RC Designs.  While you are visiting these great websites, be sure to order their catalogs.  You will learn a lot and the selections are huge.

Design-A-Table works like laying out furniture in a room plan.  You should also make a room plan on graph paper, so you can begin working on decorating options such as tables, seating, cue rack, ball rack, etc.   You may also want to obtain paint, carpet, drapery and upholstery samples.

Many more design options are included in Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table plans book.  The Design-A-Table kit will keep you busy until your order arrives.  If you already know what size table you are going to build, use the Slate Sizes to begin this process now before you receive the pool table plans.

Please allow the images to completely load before printing with your browser's print command.  Loading may take about 45 seconds on a 56K modem.   For best printing of the entire kit set your printer to "portrait".    Ensure you use the same printer settings each time you print so the drawings' scale remain identical.

The Design-A-Table is not included in Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table plans book.


Mary Southall & Brian Swift

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