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Billiard Room Furniture Plans


We remain your ONLY source for Billiard and Game Room Furniture Plans

We offer pool room furniture plans in the same styles as our pool table plans.  As with all of our plans, these are shop and life tested.  All joinery is mortised and tenoned or biscuited.  Our  seating plans even include professional upholstery instructions so you do it all yourself.  Match or coordinate your chairs with your window treatments, and other billiard room decor!

Our nine latest Billiard Furniture plans differ from the four original Mission style (only) initially offered.  The newer plans are modular in that there are 9 style choices available.  So, if you want Chippendale, you already know it's in there!  In addition, many of the parts are interchangeable resulting in hundreds of style variations.

Here's an example:  The Bar Stool plan styles are pictured at right.  You can choose your style and preview the other plans with your style in mind.  Our more recent plans are presented in all 9 styles so you can see how they will coordinate and complement your decor.

All 9 styles are presented in the same order AND in the same colors so you can easily locate your preferred style when moving from plan to plan.

For those of you who prefer the Mission style, we have good news.  The Mission style is included with ALL thirteen furniture plans.

Our fully illustrated plans even include professional finishing instructions (with our safe ammonia fuming methods).  Caring for your pool room furniture requires an occasional damp cloth wipe and occasional dusting and waxing (yuk) depending on your chosen finish. 

All of our plans are designed with your success in mind.  We present easy-to-follow detailed instructions for all skill levels of woodworking with step-by-step illustrations just like our Pool Table Plans.  Even if you are new to woodworking, you will find yourself building confidently during your first project.  Experienced woodworkers will find our plans the most complete directions ever offered.  We include full size templates for all pieces that require special shaping.  Our professional upholstery directions included with all seating plans are written for those who have never sewn on a button.

Beautiful practical furniture that your family and friends will admire and enjoy for a lifetime built by YOU.

Check out our growing gallery.  Currently we offer 13 Billiard Room Furniture Plans.  We would like your suggestions of what you would like to build.  And check out Mary & Brian's Personal Furniture Galley to see what we have built for our home.

Professional upholstery instructions included for seating plans!

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Mission Observation Chair Spectator Chair Billiard Chair Spectator Bench Bar Stool
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