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The Green Book

The Green Book is the standard for do-it-yourself pool table maintenance!

Be your own billiard table mechanic ... and so much more!

The Green Book is a complete maintenance, repair and relocation manual for pool, carom and snooker tables.  It covers most repairs you will ever need.  Much of this information also applies to bumper pool, bar boxes and unique billiard tables, such as L-shaped, round or polygonal.

8༯span>ﳰan> 11㰩ral bound pages, 60 pages of detailed text including 103 professional quality drawings, photos, illustrations and layout diagrams plus 8 information tables, 2 worksheets and other handy information -- many with exploded views. Plus an illustrated technical Billiard Table Parts Glossary.  Published March 2002.  30th printing October 2014.

Who should own The Green Book?

  • Billiard table owners and room proprietors

  • Those who plan to purchase new or used equipment

  • Mechanics who want to expand their knowledge

  • Those who plan to enter the billiard table profession

  • Billiard players, whether they own their equipment or not

  • Pool, carom and snooker table rebuilders


PRODUCT: The Green Book without Customer Support -- $35.00

PRODUCT: The Green Book with Customer Support -- $45.00

Specific Benefits

Do everything yourself

Never pay a billiard table mechanic again!  Save over $200 when you recover

How to inspect and test your equipment

Know the condition of your equipment before you do anything! Just do  what needs to be done

How to pack, crate and transport your slate and table components

When you should and should not do it yourself

How to disassemble and reassemble your equipment

How to handle safely without damage

Book is 81/2 x 11", spiral bound

Book opens flat.  Professional graphics aid your success

Room size and lighting requirements

Ensure your room is large enough and table is adequately lit

Resource and supplier locator

Buy from trusted suppliers at reasonable prices

Extended customer support available

Modestly priced for those who may want a lifeline 

Room & Slate Size Chart

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Procedures Included

Rail and table bed recovering simplified

30 illustrations showing every cut, fold, tuck, stretch and staple location

Professional diamond or round rail sight installation

Install new or replace old or missing rail sights

Our 3-Stage leveling procedure demystifies, reveals all

Although easy to do, it is hard to figure out

Replacing cushions, rubbers and pocket facings

The key is surface preparation and cushion nose height

Slate seaming and slate repair

Protect your equipment's most precious asset

Pocket replacement

How to prepare rails, and when to re-drill and shim

New slate liner fabrication and replacement

Know when you need to replace your slate liner and tricks for extending life

Sub rail repair versus replacement

When you can avoid replacement via repair and suggestions for extending life

Playfield alignment simplified

How to set your playfield to exact BCA equipment standards and specifications

Care of your equipment

You will never blame your equipment again

Buying a new or used table How to negotiate the best price and what to look for while saving at least $500


Table of Contents

Rail Attachment Methods

page 2

Cloth Removal

page 17

Slate Handling

page 19

Rail Wrapping

page 38

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Price: The Green Book without Customer Support is $35, OR $45 with Customer Support (3 help requests good for 6 months).  

Note: Customers who have purchased Pool Table Plans do NOT need The Green Book.  Your Pool Table Plans book contains most of  the same information tailored for your project.

Dealer inquiries invited.

Mary Southall & Brian Swift.

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