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Design & Build Your

Dream Pool Table


See the Pool & Billiard Magazine October 2004 issue for the super book review!

These pool table plans take pool table building to the next level.  Now you can design your own pool table.  This pool table uses the same massive beaming structure as the Mission Pool Table adapted to this graceful tapered design.  In addition, we have engineered rigid Beam-lock ( Leg-to-body) interfaces to ensure rigidity.  This table will never sag or bow.  Each leg uses two 5/16" hanger bolts instead of the usual one to ensure the legs never twist; it can be built with either 4 or 6 legs.

Design-A-Table is another feature that you can print the basic table from this link before you order your pool table plans.  It includes the table structure in 4 table sizes, a wide variety of legs, and two pocket styles.  All that is required for hours of fun is the printable kit, scissors, a glue stick and your imagination!  Dreaming is optional.

Why not check out Mary & Brian's Personal Galley to appreciate the caliber of the plans we offer.


We would like to extend our thanks to Adams Wood Products, whose engineer shared with us their billiard leg interface configurations.  This data enabled us to engineer our proprietary Leg-to-body locking System.  We also wish to thank Adams Wood Products for granting us permission to use their name and products in our design, book and website.

What the Book Includes:

106 pages of detailed text including 236 professional quality drawings, photos, illustrations and layout diagrams plus 49 Tables and Cut Lists and other handy information -- many with exploded views


PRODUCT: Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table Plans Book without Customer Support -- $60.00

PRODUCT: Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table Plans book with Customer Support -- $70.00


Table sizes included are:  7 foot home, 8 foot regulation, 81/2 oversize, and 9 foot tournament.

Each page is 81/2x11" professionally printed with in high resolution on heavy paper with color covers

First published July, 2002

Spiral bound book lays flat for convenient workshop use

Pool table design options.  See Design-A-Table, available on this website only.

Designed to interface with Adams Wood Products billiard legs.  13 styles available.

Three Leg styles you can build.  See photo at right.  The leg on the left is reversible.

Pool room decorating ideas

Room size and lighting requirements

An up-to-date resource supplier list

Emphasis on How to do it and why

Professional diamond or round rail sight inlay instructions

Complete directions for building your own sub rails, saving you $120 over buying pre-made sub rails.  This saving alone more than covers the cost of this book!

Templates for ALL precision operations.  Easy to use see-thru templates for marking and cutting compound rail miters for side and corner pockets!  Also used for lining up your table saw for the cuts!

Leveling your table is simplified with our step-by-step directions

Sequenced illustrations and directions on how to cover your table and rails.  We show you every cut, fold, tuck, stretch and staple location.

All final assembly instructions; never hire a pool mechanic again!

How to set the table height to your comfortable playing zone within BCA specifications

Professional wood finishing directions including our own easy to use authentic Arts & Crafts fuming (grain and patina enhancing) directions for quarter-sawn white oak

Table construction arranged into easy to understand sections which logically fit together

Written in English with all dimensions in U.S. measurements.  All hardware is standard SAE

Actual Book Pages

The Real Cost

Skills Needed

Don't Be Fooled

Room & Slate Size Chart

Available with or without one-on-one Customer Support (3 help requests for 6 months)

Our invitation to enjoy a sense of accomplishment experienced by few

Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table

keeps your dream from becoming a nightmare!

Please visit our pages in the black links at right to learn even more.  Experience the high quality presentation and illustrations which lead you through building your dream pool table.


Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table Plans book without Customer Support is $60.00; with Customer Support is $70.00

Mary Southall & Brian Swift.

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